(Photo by Denis Helladenko)

The Kittolith:
A 6′ Tall 3D Printed Interactive Light-Sound Cathenge Cat Statue

Fall in love with the Kittolith!!
The new kitten sized “Catoltih” – the Monolithic Icon of Holofelinity – only from Cathenge Industries!

The Kittolith is the new smaller and more deluxe version of Cathenge’s unique “Catolith” Cat Statue. You could say that the Catolith is a “Big Cat” and that the Kittolith is the “House Cat” in the Divine Feline Family of Cathenge Cat Statues.

Though only 6′ tall, the Kittolith Cat Statue has all the power (if not more) of Holofelinity that the big cats have. That’s because the Kittolith features:

  • Durable 3D printed cat statue made from PETG and clear-coated with polyurethane.
  • Interactive harmonic purring system based on LiDAR 3D scanning technology.
  • Solfeggio healing tone based purring harmonics.
  • Three Chakras of Kitty Kundalini for Meditative Alignment with Holofelinity including laser based Heart Chakra. Sex Chakra! Heart Chakra! 3rd Eye Chakra!
  • LiDAR sensor mounted in collar.
  • Glowing Plasma Disk Eyes (same as on the big cats).
  • Transductive speaker and subwoofer for rich audio sound experience.
  • Battery operated using Lithium Ion Phosphate battery. Can be plugged into wall outlet for easy recharging.
  • Portable and lightweight. Rolls on Casters. Can be plugged into wall outlet for easy recharging.
  • Hi-polish custom wooden base clearcoated in color changing “chameleon” glitter paint.
  • Easy to dis-assemble and re-assemble for storage and transport.
  • Easy to transport. Fits in one large hard-shell suit case and one golf bag for air travel anywhere – see photo below.

Diagram of Harmonic Purring Interactivity

Video Showing the Kittolith in Action in Washington, DC:

The above video demonstrates the interactive harmonic purring of the Kittolith.  Video at the home of Kathryn and Lewis Shepherd (my parents) in Washington, DC. Background mural, “Six of Cups”, also by yours truly (David Normal).

The LiDAR beam extends at a downward angle from the LiDAR sensor mounted in the amulet on the collar of the cat.  In the video, I am moving with the camera through the depth of the beam which has the solfeggio tones mapped to it in a scale (see diagram above). This movement produces the harmonic purring sounds demonstrated in the video.  The mechanism of this is as follows: The LiDAR senses objects in its field and then the tones are played from a script programmed into a Raspberry Pi computer.  These sounds are amplified through the cat sculpture itself which vibrates to produce the soundwaves by the use of a transductive speaker for the higher tones.  The harmonic purring is also amplified with a subwoofer that is mounted in the base of the cat which produces the lower bass purring.  The interactive purring is designed to play several sustained notes at once which produces different harmonies and dissonances of sound which represent the subtleties of Holofelinity (Universal Cat Consciousness).