The Kittolith:
A 6′ Tall 3D Printed Interactive Light Sound Cat Statue

Everyone is falling in love with the Kittolith!!
The brand new housecat sized Icon of Holofelinity – only from Cathenge Industries!

The Kittolith is the new smaller and more deluxe version of Cathenge’s unique “Catolith” Cat Statue. You could say that the Catolith is a “Big Cat” and that the Kittolith is the “House Cat” in the Divine Feline Family of Cathenge. Though only 6′ tall, the Kittolith Cat Statue has all the power (if not more) of Holofelinity that the big cats have. That’s because the Kittolith features a new and improved interactive harmonic purring system based on LiDAR 3D scanning technology.