Cathenge Production Credits


Cathenge has been made possible by much community support and collaborative effort. Lots of people have gotten behind the project over the past few years and really contributed a lot to make it a reality. These credits don’t do justice to all the time and energy that has gone into the project. Many people have made huge creative and technical contributions to make Cathenge happen. It’s been a labor of love. Below are credits to some of the key people that made it happen for Burning Man 2019, and most of these people have continued to work on the project for its installation at Institute of Crazyology and at for the forthcoming installation at Patricia’s Green.

Concept/Design/Direction: David Normal
Cathenge Burning Man 3D printing: Tom Price/
Electronic Interactivity: Theremin Barney
Electronics and Programming: Artur Pyrogovskyi
Sound Engineering: Aaron Spaz
Sound Design: No.E Sunflowrfish
Carpentry: Andrew Spalding
Flame Effects: Brad Allen
Concrete: Eric Sanchez and Roger Mihalko
Catolith Internal Decor: April Lelia
Burning Man Build Crew: Liam McNamara, Brad Allen. Justin, Trippy, Kris Peterson, Roger Mihalko, Drew Clark
Documentation: Dennis Helladanko and Damon Bivianos
Transport/logistics: Tom Breen
Build Space: Cheryl Edison and Chris Kemp