About Cathenge

Cathenge is an Immersive Cat Temple Art Installation
Created by David Normal.
Installations Include:
~Patricia’s Green (San Francisco Arts Commission) 2022 – 2024~
~Institute of Crazyology Gallery (1000 Van Ness Cadillac Building), 2021~
~Burning Man 2022~
~Burning Man 2019~

Cathenge at Patricia’ Green (October 2022 – April 2024)

Cathenge at Patricia’s Green, Oct 2022 – March 2024, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Cathenge was installed at Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley for over 16 months – from October 2022 through the end of March 2024. Everyday thousands of people beheld Cathenge and enjoyed the spectral aura of the Catoliths. Countless visitors experienced direct communion with the Space Cats through the interactive harmonic “purrburations” of Holofelinity – the interactive purring sound system that was a central part of the Cathenge installation and its concept.

In 2021, The San Francisco Arts Commission voted unanimously to award David Normal the grant to create this installation of Cathenge at Patricia’s Green Park in the popular Hayes Valley district of San Francisco. This prestigious award continues a tradition of noteworthy Burning Man art often showcased at this popular location.

Original 3D Visualization for Cathenge Burning Man Installation 2019

Cathenge is an interactive 3D printed Cat Temple dedicated to the Extraterrestrial Spacecats.  Think: Tall, Elegant, Mystical Cat Statues – “The Catoliths” .  Six in total, arrayed in a circle like the standing stones of Stonehenge, the Catoliths symbolize “Holofelinity” – Universal Cat Consciousness.  Like the Monoliths of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, through direct interaction with the Catoliths human consciousness is evolved.  The Catoltih’s intuitively bestow “Holofelinity”,  the way of the Space Cats; a healing message of timeless love and peace.

As a 3D printed sculptural installation, Cathenge represents the leading edge of ambition for the artistic application of large format additive printing.  The sculptures are a multi-media fusion using 3D  printed plastics and iridescent clearcoat finish. LED lighting, lasers, sound, vibration and electronic interactive sensing are integral to the effect and provide visitors with a direct and palpable experience of the mystical Space Cat consciousness. 

Visitors to Cathenge experience the majesty of the Catoliths through their interactive sound and lights.  The six Catoliths are like a set of windchimes and entering into their circle is an interactive experience of harmonic tones and lights that respond directly to movement.  The Cats at Patricia’s Green used a passive infrared sensor to trigger an array of harmonic samples in the sacred Gregorian Chant tones and these tones are coordinated with changes in the color and pattern of the LED lights that illuminate the cats from within through the translucent plastic.

Cathenge at Burning Man 2019

Cathenge at Burning Man 2019 (Photo by Dennis Helladanko)

Cathenge was first created as theme art for Burning Man 2019. It was Black Rock City’s original, official Cat Temple.

Cathenge at Institute of Crazyology 2021

Crazyology Inaugural Ball, June 20th 2021 (Photo by Herman Privette)

The Catoliths, the mystical interactive Cat Statues of Black Rock City’s Cathenge Cat Temple, were installed in downtown San Francisco at David Normal’s, “Institute of Crazyology”, which was located at 1000 Van Ness, the landmark “Don Lee Building”, the gothic revival historic Cadillac Dealership building in the heart of San Francisco.